Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not sure why I decided to upload this today, but it's one of the things I very happily hooked over Christmas - little ornaments with bows and snowflakes for my cousin. The gold bow is size 10 crochet cotton with a metallic thread, and the snowflake itself is my usual, coated in glitter.  They're held together by a loop of invisible thread, and the photo doesn't do them justice.

Maybe I'm just a little nostalgic for Christmas, seeing as we're staring down the barrel of a hot summer ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not dead! Still here!

Holy shiitake mushrooms, that's a long radio silence... and I miss everything that was put aside during it - knitting, writing, cooking, baking, just BEING.

It was worth it in a lot of ways, though.  I came on board at the university again, to sub in for someone on medical leave, and had a fantastic semester. I'm still hoping something permanent will come up for me in the future, and I'm optimistic, but have to stay the course. In the meantime I'm helping out with an intensive teacher-education program here, teaching biology to the ed students.

The one shining light in all this is that Hubby was hired on to the tenure-track position :) Which means that for at least a few years, we're here. Here. In a place we can put down roots, hopefully for a long time.

We still have to think about buying a house (which I'm totally not ready for), and he needs to put his head down and get things aligned for tenure applications down the road, but it's good news.

I've barely enough time to sleep, though, let alone knit and craft, but I'm organizing myself to get some things up and running to work on during my breaks at work. If I end up off for the rest of the summer, I hope to get back at it seriously, but if I'm working (which I hope to be), I'll figure it out.

It's amazing how things can change when your perspective starts looking up :)