Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Falling into place...

Well, good things come to those who wait... It's looking like I'll be able to teach again this semester, although we're still waiting on official approval from the powers that be.

We're also waiting to see if Hubby will be chosen for the permanent position in his department... After yet another year of slight calm but full uncertainty, we should know something soon.

I never thought I'd consider myself happy to stay somewhere over 4000km away from home... but in these past few months we've been content. Life's not too exciting, but there's a big city two hours away from our little city. N. is thriving in school, and wants to stay. He asked me the other day, "Mom? Can I go to the same school next year? PLEASE?" and my heart broke because I couldn't answer the way he wanted me to. I said, quite honestly, "I really hope so, my bud. I really do..." I know no matter what happens we can't stay in this tiny apartment forever, but I'd dearly love an in-town move rather than a cross-country one.

Do things ever really settle, I wonder? Even if this works out (or even if it doesn't), in the next year we're probably looking at another move, possibly to a house, at the very least I'll be hopping from one limited term position to the next (which, at this point, I'm extremely grateful to have)... and is it really that bad? I guess after all this time searching for positives ;) I've come to the conclusion that the universe is keeping me on my toes, and hopefully keeping me sharp.

At some point, too, I'll have to pick up needles or hook again. I did a bunch of crochet snowflakes before Christmas for gifts, and was commissioned to do some fingerless mitts (which were awesome if I do say so, and only took a few hours)... I miss that part of my sanity...

Monday, January 5, 2015

A new year begins...

... and not much significant to report...

We had a relatively quiet Christmas in that we decided not to make the trip back across the country to my parents and sibs. We haven't accumulated enough airmiles at this point, and we were looking at somewhere around $900/person, or $700/person followed by a 4 hour drive... In the past it's been a difficult decision to stay put, but this year it just seemed right.

We've spent Christmas just the three of us before, and while it is quiet, it's nice not to think about travelling on someone else's schedule when it means being on the move for anywhere from 8-14 hours. The nice thing about living here is that we have family a mere two hours away, instead of 14. So what did we decide to do in the end? Saw as many people as possible and moved as little as we could :)

Santa found us here in our tiny house, and we had a wonderful Christmas morning Skype with my fam back east. We were happy because we had Christmas in our own space, and they were happy because a) they got to see their #1 grandson open presents and 2) with the two hour time difference, they didn't have to wake up at zero dark thirty with the excited child, but had time to get some coffee ahead of time :)

Once we went through all the bounty (and a very large number of Terry's Chocolate Oranges), we packed up our little car (did I mention we bought a car?) and drove exactly two hours and 11 minutes to my aunt's house. My cousins are there, one of whom was just posted back with her husband after military service a few provinces away, and hosted Christmas Day dinner at her home. So, after some quiet, and then some quality skype time with my parents, we got to have the full-house full of laughter and kids and fun :) We spent four days there, just long enough to get comfy, have some fun, do some shopping, and then came back home and had most of the week to get ready to go back to school.

I'm not officially working yet, but there's some talk about being able to pick up a little time; I'm hoping to hear by the end of the week. N. is back at school today, and is *that* excited that he barely slept last night. I de-holiday-ed the house last week, so that much at least is done, and I'm trying to get a handle on everything else so we start the new year off right. Cleaning, organizing, purging, dealing with small, manageable areas. I have yet to tackle my yarn and craft supplies in any real, meaningful way, but that's going to take at least another solid week. If I get back to work, it'll have to wait til spring break, methinks.

I'm not one for resolutions lately, but I'm hoping to keep busy, focused, and calm, and that this semester is as busy and productive as last :)