Monday, April 14, 2014

Gah. Winter.

Anyone who's paying attention knows that this winter has an attitude.  Up here in Eastern Canada, it's obnoxious.

Snowstorm followed by ice pellets and freezing rain, followed by another blizzard. We'd been getting better, after a total of fifteen snow days... and this morning I took N. to the bus stop in freezing rain and spiky daggery ice pellet-y nastiness.

Don't get me wrong, I do love winter. I can't imagine living in a place without seasons. This year has been an extreme example of winter, though, and it's getting me down.

I think part of it comes from being car-free and so far away from hubby while going through it. Past winters like this meant curling up together after N. is in bed, with tea and knitting, working on papers. Long walks in the snow in pedestrian-friendly cities are replaced with days housebound here on the top of the hill, unable to explain to N. why the weather is too awful to go outside.

Our March break trip helped break up the monotony, but had its own issues... and life goes on long after the vacation ends.

But, no matter what George R. R. Martin might think, winter can't last forever, and April can't help but be cheerful. Easter is coming, along with my niece's first birthday. Then a week later, N. & I share a birthday weekend, and my SIL's is a few days after that. I also have reason to think things are looking up, because there's talk of Hubs being extended... the uncertainty still gives me anxiety, but it looks like things are going in the right direction.

Now if I can trade my snow shovel long term for needles (of any sort), I'll be fine.

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