Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A long post is coming but for now here's a little project... (RL - if you're reading, just walk on away) :)

A little embroidery for my niece M.'s birthday behind the jump...
The pattern is from Kimberly Ouimet (her Etsy shop is here and the owl pattern is here)... Mom wanted to get this pattern because M.'s theme is owls, and we didn't have any so she felt the $4 was worth it ;) ... The rest of the project was completed from stash so far - all the floss is from my and my mother's collections, and the white fabric is a remnant (cheap wooden hoop for a frame needs to be sourced... hoping to get it for under $2). The pattern itself is a great value - twelve pages of options, including backgrounds and embellishments... I find that these days, my very limited budget is going to patterns... I consider it a success if I use a pattern more than once, and I'm doing pretty well on that score.  These owls are hopefully going to show up again :)

I combined the owl from page 6 with the tree/moon/stars from page 2, since I thought my owl might like to sleep at night like Baby M ;)  I tried a few things that I hadn't done in my traditional embroidery before, both with stitches and floss.  I tried to use a variety of stitches for texture, including a double-knotted stitch, chain, running, and stem stitch and a few french knots.  I blended light and dark turquoise for the feathers on belly and wing for a little gradient, and light and medium brown for some texture on the tree branch and wood grain.  I used metallic floss for the stars, and I blended some matte floss with DMC light effects for the moon (although it's not as visible in this photo).  The light effects and metallic floss require a bit more attention, and they do want to knot up around the eye of the needle, but are lovely in the end.

Gosh, it's nice to feel productive :)

ETA: Had to remove and re-upload the photo... something about my phone makes it impossible to post proper photos... grrr...

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