Friday, January 3, 2014


Today we were walloped with the latest in a series of blizzards that have been plaguing us since the fall, so not much exciting happened... we were pretty much stuck inside all day.  Little Bro and SIL came home from work early, and I thought they would stay put at their house 3km away since the police were warning people to stay off the roads... but they showed up on our doorstep right before dinner :)  Their cars were stuck, so they bundled up and hiked over so they could take N. outside to play in the snow.

The snow, however, looked like this:

...and N. was having none of it.  Too cold, too windy, the sled was in danger of blowing away... so he came inside 90 seconds later.  Little Bro and SIL stayed out for 30 mins, though; they rebuilt N.'s snowfort and we all ate dinner together (minus Hubby, who was dealing with his own wintry issues out west - windchill near -50 Celsius and no car)... It's a damn good thing we booked him to fly out on Wednesday, since everything today up and down the eastern seaboard is pretty much shuttered.

A couple of fun photos before I sign off for the evening... it's still snowing and blowing out there, so I'll be up early to help shovel in the morning.

Icicles outside yesterday, before the blizzard hit

N. and I waiting in the car on Monday for Hubby to finish the final bits of banking before taking off New Years Day

Mom and Dad's cat Nunu (N. thinks she's our cat), very upset that Hubby was leaving.

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