Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finished bunnies

I just realized I hadn't posted photos of the bunnies!! Here are the first three... I made a fourth one morning before visiting a new baby that afternoon and didn't take a photo... Pattern at Abby Glassenberg's While She Naps Etsy shop ;)

A snow day sewing project

Using a great pattern from Abby Glassenberg at While She Naps, I put together this little owl and baby for my niece :-)

This is the second pattern I've made of hers (the first has been used for at least four bunny loveys), and they are fantastic.  I've been sewing for nearly thirty years, mostly self taught, and Abby's tips are great. Using a shorter stitch length to navigate curves? So logical, but I never thought of it :-) Her patterns are so well laid out that they're a joy to sew.

And just so I can sound like a total infomercial...

If I haven't said it before, Abby's patterns will give you great mileage. Makes me want to pressure friends and family to have babies so I can make gifts for everyone.

Can't wait til next month to visit my nieces!

ETA: fixed link to Lovey Dovey Pattern and Stella the Owl :) and changed spacing... silly mobile app...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Popping up with an FO

Time to get back on the horse... with a doily that was started an obscene amount of time ago... finished as a centerpiece for my mom's table.  Hopefully enough of a kickstart to keep me going.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Growing up

Sometimes it shocks me... how something as simple as a haircut can remind me how big my boy is getting.

Monday, January 6, 2014

And on Sunday they rested...

I missed yesterday, and I have a whole host of excuses ;)  I was on the phone with Hubby quite a bit, as he was getting ready for his first day of teaching today.  We also skyped several times during the day - he doesn't have internet at home yet (hopefully tonight), so we've had to content ourselves with seeing him while at the office working on lectures.

I've also finally decided to try out Netflix, and set myself a list of a handful of TV series to watch that I've missed out on the past few years... turns out I was watching the wrong stuff ;)  I had every intention of sampling 5 or 6 pilot episodes over the next while, but I'm ashamed to say that I stopped at the first one... and I'm three episodes into Downton Abbey with no signs of stopping.  I'm not going to throw my list completely out the window, but for now I'm obsessed with Maggie Smith...

N. is back in school this morning, and I'm feeling a bit lost... I still haven't narrowed down my projects yet, and I'm afraid if I don't I'll just end up knitting dishcloths to send to Hubby in care packages... but knitting is knitting, I suppose.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sparkly sunshine

Early morning sun through our very frosty window...

Friday, January 3, 2014


Today we were walloped with the latest in a series of blizzards that have been plaguing us since the fall, so not much exciting happened... we were pretty much stuck inside all day.  Little Bro and SIL came home from work early, and I thought they would stay put at their house 3km away since the police were warning people to stay off the roads... but they showed up on our doorstep right before dinner :)  Their cars were stuck, so they bundled up and hiked over so they could take N. outside to play in the snow.

The snow, however, looked like this:

...and N. was having none of it.  Too cold, too windy, the sled was in danger of blowing away... so he came inside 90 seconds later.  Little Bro and SIL stayed out for 30 mins, though; they rebuilt N.'s snowfort and we all ate dinner together (minus Hubby, who was dealing with his own wintry issues out west - windchill near -50 Celsius and no car)... It's a damn good thing we booked him to fly out on Wednesday, since everything today up and down the eastern seaboard is pretty much shuttered.

A couple of fun photos before I sign off for the evening... it's still snowing and blowing out there, so I'll be up early to help shovel in the morning.

Icicles outside yesterday, before the blizzard hit

N. and I waiting in the car on Monday for Hubby to finish the final bits of banking before taking off New Years Day

Mom and Dad's cat Nunu (N. thinks she's our cat), very upset that Hubby was leaving.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Something pretty

Not much to report on this second day of the year, but I thought I'd share with you a piece of embroidery that we came across last fall in the cleaning spree:

This was made by my grandmother's sister, as a gift for my grandmother's wedding back in the 1940's.  You can't tell from the photo since I was too derpy to include something for scale, but this motif is somewhere around three feet tall.  It's a large piece of heavy linen that's intended to be a bedspread.  I could practice for decades and never get satin stitch that beautiful :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st

Hubby has landed, 4000km away. His luggage, all three large suitcases, made it with him; I choose to see this as a good sign ;) He also had a warm welcome (in -50C windchill!) from my mom's baby sister, who scooped him up at the airport, fed him lasagna, and put him back on the shuttle because his new university is in the second largest city that's 2.5 hrs away from the closest airport.

N. is having a bit of a rough time... he's excited and proud that Daddy's going to be a teacher, but he can't understand why the university isn't paying for our plane tickets to go too.  Combine that with waking up at 4am to say goodbye and not sleeping and you get a very unhappy boy.

Luckily he's sound asleep and we get to Skype with Daddy in the morning...

As for me, I'm trying to keep it together, collect my thoughts, and start thinking about what to work on next. I need a project, stat.