Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Rambly Christmas!

Still alive... still alive... if I keep repeating it, it must be true, right?

So many posts started and stopped... life is humming along in some sort of twisted parody of what I expect it to be.

Long story very short - Christmas (yay!), temporary teaching contract for Hubby (yay!), said contract is four provinces west of here (boo!) and we've decided to have kiddo finish out grade Primary here for continuity's sake (yay!/boo!/huh?).


I'm putting Hubby on a plane in a week.  He had a great interview in September, for a sabbatical replacement position.  He got the position, and by all accounts he got it by a landslide, which is fantastic.  He's such a great teacher, so it was a boost for him.  It's not permanent, but we're crossing our fingers that it leads to something... at the very least, it will really help with his professional teaching experience.

The downside is that it means more time apart.  I don't want to move kiddo more than once in a year unless absolutely necessary, and unless it's for something more permanent.  He's flourishing in school here, and we all agree that pulling him out mid year, then having to pull him out of somewhere else, wouldn't be good.  He understands that Daddy is going to be a teacher, and he's chosen some wonderful things to send with Daddy and to keep here.  He even picked out a tie for Hubby to wear his first day (and it's not too bad!).  The months over the summer that we were apart were difficult, but N. handled it like a champ.  He knows that we talk to Daddy every day we're apart, and that we'll be together as soon as we can.  It's hard, but we can do it.

I have no illusions about the relative level of difficulty that we face... I'm surrounded by help here, and it's so much easier than it could be.  My mom watches N. so I can go to the gym and keep my sanity as intact as possible; my brother and SIL invite us over for movie nights - their house has rooms and beds for everyone, and it's an adventure for N to have super! sleepover! weekend!  I have a great kid who adapts to whatever I throw at him.  The whole thing makes me appreciate in some very small measure what families go through when one parent works across the country, or one is deployed, and I don't even go through a fraction of what they do.

So, I keep my mom-hat on, do the best I can to keep N. safe, happy, and healthy, and try to maintain myself on an even keel while supporting Hubby in his goal to be the best college teacher he can be.

Whew. Glad to get all that out. ;)

On the creative front, it's been busy in some respects but quiet in others... I only knit one pair of mittens, made a couple dozen crochet ornaments, handmade all our Christmas cards, and had to switch gears.  I've spent the last six weeks baking.  Baking baking baking.  Cookies, cake, squares, more cookies... and I'm totally done with sugar.  I told my mom I wanted meat and salt for the next two weeks.  No carbs, no butter.  Just protein and sodium.  I'm not sure what I'll take on in the new year, but I'm allowing myself time to decide.  Spending the next week packing up Hubby is going to take up enough brain power, methinks.

I hope to devote a little bit of brain power to creating, whether it be sewing, writing, knitting, crochet, papercraft, or something I just haven't thought of yet.  I've a pretty good stash of supplies here - in the course of storing all our things from the postdoc years in and amongst stuff here, I've found things that I'd forgotten - mainly paper and paints - so there's no shortage of *free* things to do... I just need to find my mojo again.

I hope everyone's having a great winter-holiday-of-choice, and that whatever weather you have is seasonally appropriate for your mood... and that the new year ahead is full of promise in the most unexpected ways...

Back soon... promise.