Monday, September 23, 2013

A few minutes of (relative) quiet

*sigh* time to slog out the update for the last weeks (or could it be months?!)...

Full disclosure, this post is likely to be rambly and a bit melancholy and silly and self-pitying, so if you want to pass on it, I'll put it behind the break and totally understand :)  I promise more crafty posts soon, along with tales of Kindergarten/Grade Primary adventures...

So... how to summarize the past little while...

June was uneventful... trying to keep life normal, getting Hubby ready for his interview.  It went well, he was quite confident, but in the end it turned out that one of the other candidates was a better fit. Something as simple as majority plus one of the committee favouring one candidate over the other makes perfect sense, but it's frustrating.

In some ways, this one was a little easier for him to prepare (no distractions, no 5 year old waking up with nightmares at night or begging for attention during the day), but it was difficult to support him through it just via Skype and phone calls.  It certainly makes me appreciate the immeasurable value of being in the same room together.  We have always worked in the same building/department (from before we started dating), so we draw a lot of strength from just being.

Being home, though, has meant we've gotten to spend a great deal of time with my SIL and nieces - she's taken a couple of trips here (her parents live about 15 minutes away from my parents), we took a long weekend to visit her and my brother at their place, and this past weekend we went up for the baby's baptism.  I really think it's been great for all of us.  N. and his cousin O. are 10 months apart, and get along really well; it's important that they grow up knowing each other.  The new baby, M, is five months, which means I've gotten some good quality, newborn baby time in.  She's such an easygoing baby, and I love being able to watch her go from wrinkly, wet behind the ears newborn to a cute, plump, giggly baby.

July was interesting - started off with a bang.  After finding out that Hubs didn't get that position, I was indulging in a Sunday-morning sleep-in (9AM) courtesy of my mom.  I'm sound asleep, when N. bursts into the bedroom, wailing. Not crying precisely, but very upset.  "Momma! Momma! I swallowed a marble! Momma, it hurt. Momma, I'm scared!"

I've never moved so fast in my entire life.

After determining that the marble did indeed make it to his stomach, there were no breathing issues or trauma (just that residual pain in the esophagus that results from swallowing something big and hard), we had to evaluate our options.  I called our peds urgent care line, who said that even though it was probably OK, he should get checked out.  The marble was glass, inert, and it was a best-case scenario as far as we could tell, but we didn't want to take any chances.

Now, I may have mentioned it before, but we live on an island.  It's a big one (nearly 4000 sq. mi.), but not overly population-dense.  As a comparison, we have the same population here as where Hubby is, finishing his postdoc, in CT - nearly 136,000 on the island, vs 130,000 in our city in CT.  The difference is density - 40 people/sq.mi. here vs 6500 people/sq.mi.  What do these numbers mean?  Fewer people to staff the half dozen hospitals.  What does that mean?  The Sunday morning we had to go into the ER, they'd closed two other ERs on the island (common practice on quiet Sunday mornings due to population/staffing/etc), and everyone (I mean EVERYONE) was there, and mostly for ailments that could've waited.

(As an aside, I feel like I have to preemptively defend the Canadian health care system.  Was it crowded? Sure. Did we have to wait?  Yes.  Am I ok with that? Absolutely.  By the time we were checked in, N. was playing, joking, talking to his uncles on the phone, reading books, and was the least-ill person in there.  The great majority of people there were doing the same.  There were sore knees, people with head colds that hung on for a few extra days and were annoying, one kid with an obvious case of pinkeye which incidentally is treated with OTC meds here every single time, all people who should've been kept home.  Not one of them called the nurses line ahead to see whether they should be there.  Those needing true acute care were all seen quickly and efficiently.)

Wow, that was rambly... where was I?  Oh, right; the ER.  We were there for a while.  At one point I sent my mom home to get more books (N. loves to read hidden pictures books, particularly this series, which are amazing).  The nurses checked on "marble boy" every half hour, commented on how amazing his behaviour was, and took great care of everyone else, too.  Truth be told, I wasn't complaining - it was over 100F that day, and since it rarely gets over 90 here, no one has air conditioning.  The hospital ER had nice, chilly A/C running the whole time.

When we got called in, we saw a medical student who was beyond amazing.  My shy boy, who normally takes ages to warm up to someone, answered her questions himself, and was very willing to interact with her.  She returned with the physician on call, who turned out to be the same one who saw my grandmother for years before she went into longterm care.  Also amazing, also drew N. out of his shell.  He pronounced us good to go, with instructions to 'keep an eye out for the marble.'


So we'll skip over the SEVEN. LONG. DAYS. that it took for that damn marble to reappear.  Everything else the child ate transited in 24-48 hours, but the marble took its sweet time.  Ah, parenthood....

Hubby came home for a week somewhere in the middle of all that, and we had a good few days together.  My SIL brought the girls down for a weekend, which meant we got to go to the wildlife park, and the playground, and it was amazing.  I love those girls... I wouldn't trade N. for a million girls, but O. loves crafts and all that good stuff, so if N. decides he doesn't want to learn how to knit, I'm sure I'll have a willing student ;)

August was more of the same quiet, impatient waiting.  Hubby had an interview in early September, and will be coming here permanently next week, while we keep applying.  Luckily for us, we were able two work out travel plans that allowed Hubby to come here for the first few days of school, fly out to his interview, fly back here, attend my niece's baptism, and then fly back down to finish packing the house.

Right now we're staring down the barrel of at least one move, although I'm dealing with it from a distance right now. Hubs has three more days to pack the house, and I feel helpless that I'm here and not there.  But, like anything else, as Anne Shirley said, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not. And it will rise and set no matter how stressful the next few weeks are.

Think good thoughts.  Good, anti-anxiety, counter-panic-attack thoughts....

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Hang in there! It sounds like you're doing a fine job :)