Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things that are happening in my life today...

My sainted husband is packing up the last bits of our life in the old apartment.  He's stressed, and my heart is aching because I can only support him via phone and skype.  I don't know if he'll meet his self-imposed deadline of tonight, but I need to stay optimistic.

I'm eating pierogy.  Because, pierogy.

While Hubby packs, I'm sitting in the livingroom of my parents' house finally sorting through the remainder of my grandmother's things.  There are cuts of vintage fabric, dress gloves, scarves, costume jewelry, and all the tablecloths, bureau scarves, hankies, etc. that she embroidered over the years (that hadn't been gifted to family and friends).  Even though my camera is horrible, and the light is dull, I'm documenting it as best as I can.  Her handiwork is impeccable, and it takes my breath away.  I put her gloves on, and looked down; my hands became her hands, and I felt like a 4 year old watching her smooth the fabric before heading out to church.  I need to dump the camera soon and get some of it up :)

And... drinking coffee... catching up on episodes of RHONJ (guilty pleasure!) that I missed over the past little while... enjoying the sound of the rain.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A few minutes of (relative) quiet

*sigh* time to slog out the update for the last weeks (or could it be months?!)...

Full disclosure, this post is likely to be rambly and a bit melancholy and silly and self-pitying, so if you want to pass on it, I'll put it behind the break and totally understand :)  I promise more crafty posts soon, along with tales of Kindergarten/Grade Primary adventures...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A long update post will have to wait

It's sitting as a draft... but it'll sit a little longer.

My baby started school today, and I'm a complete wreck.  He gets the bus home in a little over an hour.... longest day of my life.