Thursday, August 8, 2013

*tap tap*

On the off chance that there are still a few people out there :) I'm popping up to say I'm still alive...

To tide everyone over until I can sit and synthesize, my life in bullet form:
  • N. swallowed a marble, resulting in a trip to the ER, a hefty out-of-pocket fee, and some reimbursement labyrinth navigation.
  • Little Bro, shortly after, got into a car accident... totalled the car but walked away without a scratch, so we're thanking our lucky stars.
  • Hubby had an interview, it went well, but it wasn't the right fit, according to the hiring committee.
    • we continue to send out applications, and are trying not to get discouraged, but damn, is it frustrating to work toward something for most of your adult life and come up empty.  Damn these hiring freezes.
  • I have gotten to spend a total of 9 days with my SIL and her two girls, Miss O (who is 10 months younger than N.) and Princess Pterodactyl Pants, who is 3.5 months old, and absolutely perfect, especially when she's tired and squawks at me like a tiny pteranodon. 
  • Spent the day with my bestie from high school and her 4-year-old son... we've averaged one visit per year in the last decade, and since being here I've seen her twice (she lives 4.5hrs from my parents).
  • Did some sewing, not much knitting, crocheted 95% of a scarf.
  • N. got stung by a wasp or a hornet (not sure which, but there was no stinger)... he's fine, but I've aged 5 years.
  • I joined a gym.  Heh.
ETA: The most fun part of all of that?  First bullet point requiring in-depth examination of *ahem* to make sure said marble reappeared.  It took a damn week.

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