Friday, May 17, 2013

I can't believe it's been so long...

I miss writing... I miss knitting... I miss being human.  Spending so much time in the lab is totally cramping my style ;)

Life has been seriously hectic here (hence the radio silence), going through the process of finding something post post-doc.  And while hope springs eternal, reality sucks.

I might as well use as many cliches as I can... so while we still have irons in the fire, we have to be realistic.  And the reality is, with a child, and with one spouse with a chronic condition, we cannot afford to stay in the US while unemployed.  Being Canadian affords us the opportunity to go where we feel safer and more secure.

Operation Bug-Out 2013 has commenced.

It's highly likely I'll have more time to post, because for the next two weeks, I'm packing up the house.  No long lab days... instead, it'll be long days at home, listening to Spotify and packing/sorting/throwing away.

If you subscribe to sending good thoughts to any particular deity, I would appreciate any... although, I know we're going to be OK.  People go through worse, with less, on a regular basis.  We're healthy (knock wood), and we have a place to go.

Cross your fingers folks, and hold on tight.

ETA: packed up three boxes of yarn tonight... and had 3 glasses of cabernet... I'm hoping to up my boxes per unit cabernet before this thing is finished...

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Kaye said...

Fingers crossed for you (and a bit jealous you get to bug out!)