Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free day...

Sigh.  it's been a good/bad day, and I know I have no real reason to kvetch, but the time change always kicks my ass.

We had a second day of shopping/errands, since the car rental isn't due back until tomorrow... it started off great, and ended up crazy.  N. was golden til right after lunch, when he pitched fits.  After a calm-down, and apologies, he was better and wanted to come to the supermarket with me... which started off great (again) and ended up in tears.  He wanted treats, he wanted to run (in a parking lot? I think not), and he wanted to pump gas with Daddy.  He got none of these, and cried and cried.

After coming home, and feeding the now tired child, Hubby got ready to run into the lab to set some things up for tomorrow. While looking through his computer, he discovered that in his haste to back up files before the hurricane, he somehow managed to overwrite his key master data file.  The major project that's been three years in the making.  I figured there was a copy somewhere between dropbox, google cloud, thumb drives, etc., even if it was an older version, but for about 45 minutes it was crisis mode.  The solution was found in *my* gmail account, where he'd emailed me the file a few weeks ago so I could help with some calculations.

So, after determining that was, in fact, OK, I shoo'ed him out of the house, and proceeded to load and run the dishwasher, set a chicken to roasting, and put away the rest of the groceries.  I feel like it's 9pm and time to crash, but it's barely 6:00.  I don't know whether to be thankful that I have a few extra hours or sad that it's not, in fact, time for bed yet.

Tomorrow, however, is another day.  Time to be optimistic about the new week.  Wheeeee *pffffffffft*.  (that's me with noisemakers and streamers, can't you tell?)


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