Sunday, September 23, 2012

And three weeks turns into nearly six...

blub blub blub that's me coming back from the edges of the earth, popping my head above water to check in.

Strangely little to report of these past days... Hubby is going to a conference which hopefully will be a great networking opportunity, and we've been spending our time getting ready for that - he's giving a talk (which is pretty cool), so there are slides to perfect.  He was going to give a poster too, but that got pulled at the last second (conference organizers decided it was too late for additional entrants).  We'll have to bach' it for a few days, N. and I, but it'll be OK.

I've done a little bit of knit/crochet, but not nearly enough to keep me sane, hence the disappearance.  Some pattern testing, and a little bit on my second stripe study, but nothing I can really show as progress.  Just slogging along, convincing myself it's in the forward direction.

One nice thing that happened - a surprise visit from my dad :-)  After two weeks home at Christmas, and then the wedding in June, I think the grandparents are feeling a little N.-time withdrawal.  We had him here for a little over a week, and managed to get some fun stuff in - first movie (3D showing of Finding Nemo), and first Cosmic Bowling (second bowling adventure - the first was a lab outing a few months ago).  All in all, a fun time, but not very conducive to the fiber arts.  Oh, with the exception of one thing - did I mention that my mother, who has been knitting for about 50 years, managed to throw my dad's alpaca hat into the washer and dryer? (Yes, she knows better, and yes, she feels like an idiot.)  I managed to finish a replacement and give it to him while he was here - it amounted to "Surprise, Mom shrunk your hat, here's a new one!" :-)

And with that, I'll sign off again... hopefully to be back before another three-to-six weeks pass by!