Monday, July 2, 2012

Bite me, universe.

June 27 - Pull kid out of daycare because of coxsackie outbreak making its way to his classroom. Pat self on back for being proactive mother.
June 28 - Come down with soul-sucking flu, bribe child with DVDs and collapse on futon.
June 29 - Feel surprisingly better after sleeping 18 hours, go on Shop Hop 2012
June 30 - Finish shop hop, feeling good, kid still feeling fine, figure he's out of the woods
July 1 - Kid comes down with tell-tale blisters
July 2 - Diagnosis confirmed. Entire family unceremoniously dis-invited from early July 4th picnic even though child is no longer contagious.  Engage in extreme self-pity while child suffers from ZERO symptoms except for scary red (but strangely not-itchy-or-painful) rash.  Complete online grocery order to include comfort summer food like Klondike and freezies.  Feel zero guilt.

And, scene.

1 comment:

Kaye said...

OUch. The uninvite was pretty harsh.
We narrowly escaped this back in Michigan. NOT FUN.