Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thunderstormy Tuesday

Gosh, that was a crazy couple of days... After posting on Friday, I finished the cake tiers, cleaned out my fridge and put them in, and set to preparing all my things to put the cake together on Saturday morning.  I was out of bed at 5:45, and at the church hall by 7:20 to get things started.

I learned several things with this first cake adventure:

  1. Making extra gumpaste flowers is important.  Making tenfold extra is unnecessary.
  2. If it looks straight and even at home, check it again.  I had a tier that was shorter than the others.
  3. It only took 45 minutes to assemble and decorate on site.  Even if the cake for Little Bro is more elaborate, it shouldn't take more than two hours, not the three that I had budgeted for.  Efficiency for the win!
  4. Extra buttercream is welcome by everyone:

The day was beautiful, and it was one of the most touching ceremonies I've been to.  I'm waiting to get pics from other attendees, since my camera battery died (FAIL!).  The buttercream pic above is from one of K's friends' facebook pages (thx A!).  Hopefully we'll have a cake summary post soon, although I'm still pretty set on waiting until after my brother's wedding - the cakes will share some elements, and he wants it to be a surprise, and since I don't know who's actively reading at the moment, the cake is under embargo.

And with that, I'm signing off... now that I'm done baking, have cleaned and packed away the pans and supplies, I'm going to do a little bit of sewing and get back to picking up N. from preschool, instead of leaving kid-duty totally to Hubby.  And no more baking.  At least for the next three weeks ;-)

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