Monday, April 30, 2012

First post back from trips and birthdays and I get slammed with new Blogger software?

What the spork?

I think this is supposed to be more intuitive, but my brain is fried and it's just wrong.  Have I ever mentioned how much I despise change?


Let's see... I have about 30 minutes before a lab meeting that I can't miss, so let's try to update as efficiently as possible, perhaps with some photos:

With Memere (and Momma in the back on the phone)

Memere had bought us some of the real, high grade maple syrup from Quebec... so good it needs a spoon!

And yes, it snowed over Easter... a lot.

So much we made a snowman! 
Memere used to do oil paintings and watercolors, and gave an art lesson

And this is what a kid on maple syrup looks like :)

Grammie came to visit for N.'s birthday - this is her uncle and Godfather, a wonderful man and musician and we're thrilled he lives close enough to visit!

Not so sure about the party hat

Birthday crown is just fine, though.

A new hat!!

And that just about covers it... Mom and I had a visit to my LYS, but there was only one; last year, I swear we were there every day.  I'm not sure how the week got away from us so quickly this year, but now that I think about it she was here nine days instead of twelve, and the first day was cut short - she missed her last flight because of a delay in one of her earlier connections, and didn't show up until 7PM.  The good thing is, we'll be heading up to see them for Little Bro's wedding in 6 weeks.

Of course, between now and then I have another wedding cake to make, and I'm so excited.  K. and I are shopping for ingredients this weekend, and I'll try my best to photo-doc the entire process.  I'm also taking a trip into the city with S. (my first time in NYC!!), and trying desperately to finish the silk lace stole that's been hanging around for an embarrassing amount of time.  Add on a couple of pattern testing projects (though small) and I'm busier than I've been in a while until at least the end of June.

I also need to blog more... it keeps me on my toes :)

The clock now tells me it's time to pack up and get to lab meeting... rumour has it there will be pizza, so it won't do to be late!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

back from Easter

and barely two rows knit over the course of the whole thing :)

It was worth it, though. N. took to his Memere very well, and we had a wonderful few days. There is entirely too much chocolate left in my house, though.

More soon, once things settle. Over and out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sorry for the radio silence

I'm home with a sick preschooler, hopefully on the mend. The trip to my MIL's is still tentatively on, contingent on this GI bug leaving our house. I'm halfway packed, just in case. Luckily for me, N. is in good spirits, and is happy to sip juice and live in his blanket fortress while I get organized. At one point today he asked me to sit with him while he rested on the futon, and when I sat down, he said, "Momma, take out your yarn, you have to do your yarn!" I picked up a 2x2 ribbed scarf that's been stagnating, and he happily fed me yarn out of the center-pull for about 20 minutes, so I can't complain :)

We did manage to get out for a quick walk today - down the street to the H&R Block... every year I dread it, but this year was the best yet. Because of my lack of employment, we're getting slightly more from the feds, and have to pay significantly less to the state (in the order of $40!). That refund will go straight into the daycare account, meaning we're taken care of until Hubby's contract ends.

Radio silence will likely continue if we make it on our trip... if so, have a good weekend, and I'll be back in a week!