Tuesday, March 27, 2012

rambly tuesday

I keep promising myself that I'll get back into the habit of posting regularly, then I promptly forget and go underground again.

I've been trying to figure it out, and I'm wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the weather, combined with the insanity of the next couple of months looming over me. I never thought I fell into the S.A.D. thing, or at least not as badly as others, but we're back into winter this week after a freakishly warm blip, and the cold is driving me bonkers. Yesterday the wind was so fierce that I briefly considered staying put in the hospital cafeteria instead of walking 20 minutes to my lys (fortunately for me, the pull of yarn, even if it's just for a visit, is a strong force). Today it's even colder, with the windchill down around 18 F this morning. I was glad to have my stripe study, and glad for the chance to wear it, but I think I'd much rather shed the full-length wool coat for a light hoodie.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't just sit down and plan out everything between now and the end of June; it might de-clutter my mind (if not my house) to have it all set out, and looking forward to the warmer weather could help.

We're visiting my MIL for Easter this year, having not seen her since summer of 2010. With my permanent residency being up in the air last year, we couldn't travel, so after going to my parents' for Christmas, it's her turn. She's really excited, and I'm . . . getting there. It can be challenging, but there's typically a visit to the farm and an afternoon/evening with the family at the farmhouse, which N. loves.

After that visit, I have to bake for the daycare teachers (which I love to do - they have monthly staff meetings, and I like to send them good stuff every few months).

That's followed by Mom's visit at the end of April, which will be 10 days this year. I'm hoping for good weather and lots of knitting.

Next up - I'm making a wedding cake for good friends who are having their church wedding (courthouse wedding a year or so ago, so technically married already). I was thrilled to do it anyway, but I'm also glad to have a 'dress rehearsal' for the next one:

L'il Bro is getting married in June. We're driving up (joy, bliss) and have to be there a week ahead, because I'm making that cake too. It'll be bigger, and have fondant, and needs to be PERFECT. Luckily I have several minions on call, complete with extra kitchenaid mixers :) I have to finish at least one more shawl or stole to have options, although my dress has arrived, it fits, and I love it.

And then... rest. I hope. Until August when Hubby goes to a conference and I'm on my own for a little while.

Let's see... does that cover it? I think so.

I'm hoping to start another stripe study somewhere in there, and keep up with my little knitting group at the daycare, and have some quality afternoons at my lys, but I don't think I'll add anything else to the list.

Le sigh. I should get out in the sun... we're too far north to get much vitamin D benefit from the sun (true, little known fact), but maybe it'll make me feel better anyway.

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Kaye said...

Ha ha yeah this last pregnancy I was informed I was Vitamin D deficient. Imagine that!
That's a busy summer!!! Be sure to take lots of pictures of your cakes! I wanted to bake my own wedding cake, but my MIL put the kibosh on that. Pish!