Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunny Monday

It's another day at home with my little man. Truthfully, it's been a good couple of weeks, all things considered - I've spent many more days at home with him than usual, even though it's from cold/cough/virus/pinkeye etc., and today daycare is closed... It's been interesting to try out the whole stay-at-home-mom thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know he gets more stimulation and exercise and all that good stuff at daycare, and our neighborhood just isn't little kid central. I'm sure if we had a car, there would be playgroup, swimming lessons, soccer, and all that jazz, which would make it better. Unfortunately, we have a safe radius in which we walk, we can visit Hubby at work, and that's about it. I joke and tell Hubs that if I had to do it long term down here it would be disastrous, because every day I'd spend money, eat, or spend money to eat. It's vicious.

Today should be good, though; the science museum has a new exhibit in its rotating exhibit hall, the weather is cool but very sunny, and (fingers crossed) N. has been in a really cooperative mood since waking up.... so far... (that's another post for another time - the evolution of preschooler defiance... )

And, with a bit of luck I'll get to do some more crafting later this afternoon :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

No FOs today...

Hubby and I played hooky, rented a car, and did errands blissfully child-free, while N. was at daycare... but laid low other than that. I'm trying to talk to my mom as much as possible; the cat was really her cat, she was his favourite, and she's pretty down. But, my soon-to-be SIL brought over her cat for a visit, and that seemed to help a little. A house needs a cat, and I hope she won't wait too long.

In random crafty news, I bought some patterns from Wild Olive the other day on BOGO super-sale, and I'm thinking I might work on a couple of little embroidery projects. They're so darn cute, and I've been watching her stuff for a year or so now, so I couldn't resist.

Luckily for us, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, and I plan to spend a few hours walking the city. With a bit of luck, I'll get some crafting time in tomorrow night, and will have more to share next week.

And with that I think I have to tag in for the bedtime battle... it's been bad the last few weeks, and I think Hubby is about to break. G'nite!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


How do you measure 16 years? Today, it's with 10 broken hearts.


Rest easy, little buddy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WiP Wednesday

This'll be a quick one... I'm still editing job apps.... but I'm on my last wedge of this next one, and I had to share :)

My latest distraction is the Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki. I'm doing mine in leftover knitpicks bare silk/merino sock, and a gorgeous skein of Kauni I bought at KNH. It seems I always come back to shawls in fingering on US6s.

(photo by J.B.)

I'm hoping to have it done next week, and with a bit of luck it'll still be chilly enough to wear for a while (but not too chilly!)

As always, check out Tami's Amis for more awesome WiPs :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hello world, how've things been?

I'm determined to get my head out of my arse and keep things moving forward, so here I am. I'm thinking next month I might do an enforced personal NaBloPoMo, but we'll see.

Today, though, I'm spending the morning editing job applications for Hubby (ack!) and doing daycare PTA events... I'm thinking wrestling with 100 kids from 0-5 will be a little less stressful :)

The job thing has been a long time coming, since one can't be a postdoc forever, and it's exciting, but Hubby is freaking the frack out. Which is understandable. Teaching statements, research statements, and we'll probably have to tailor them to all the different unis that he's going to apply to. But his stuff is good, and solid. And as much as I'm not ready to leave here, I am ready for the next step. I'd like to have a car before I'm 40. And maybe a mortgage payment instead of rent. I'm scared, but excited.

I've also been knitting - my WIP Wednesday project is probably about 75% done, but being a triangular type of thing, progress is difficult to figure out. But I love it, and I've done more knitting in the past two weeks than I have in about three months.

I've also fallen for the hype, and I started reading the Hunger Games in anticipation of the movie next month. I hate to be a bandwagon-jumper, but along with knitting, a sick toddler, pinkeye back in the house (don't ask), I've managed to blow through the first two books and am halfway into the third. In less than two weeks. For some reason, dystopian lit has always captured my attention (I've read The Handmaid's Tale countless times), and these books are compelling. In the hands of my imagination (at least) I can see how they'd translate to screen quite well. I'd love to see them (and the movie(s) for that matter) eclipse Twilight... oh, no pun intended :P. I'll see, though; I'm reserving final judgement for when I see how it ends.

And with that, I'll sign off for now, and promise to be back soon. Spring is coming, the days are longer, and I can feel my energy coming back, so it shouldn't be too hard :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

above water again

After N. was sick (and out of daycare for a week) and I got the same thing, I'm finally coming out the other side. Luckily for me, I've managed to get lots more knitting done in the meantime. I started a new project that I can hopefully talk about next Wednesday, but for today I'll just show you the BSJs that finally got finished and put in the mail to the now three-week-old twins.

Rough stats:

Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Started December 2011
Finished Jan 26 2012 (babies born Jan 21, at 5lb each)
BMFA Socks that Rock mediumweight
US8 circulars
Mods: yarn, larger needle, i-cord bindoff (obsessed!), paid attention picking up stitches on the 10-ridge piece towards the end to make sure the right side was flat and the blips were on the inside, three buttonholes instead of five.

I chose to use two different shaped pink buttons rather than pink on one and yellow on the other, because the yellow was too stark. I always use grosgrain to back the buttons, ensuring that they're on solidly (using a small backing button never works for me).

I think these should show up to the babies' auntie's house shortly - I never wrap gifts because they always get opened at customs (boo) so I sent along gift bags and flowery sparkly tissue paper (yay) so that my friend's sister could make them presentable :) If I get a photo of the babies wearing them, I'll send them along.

Hopefully I'll get back on track, but for now, to see other people being super productive, head to Tami's Amis for more amazing projects!