Sunday, December 11, 2011

some baking time

I think I've finally turned into my mother... twice this weekend I pulled the "take the kid out so I can cook" card :)

Yesterday, N. was invited to a birthday party at the science museum down the street, so I jumped at the chance to bake for the lab party that's tonight. This morning, I sent them to church while I baked cookies to give to N.'s teachers. In the past 24 hours I've made 15 dozen cookies. I'd have another batch of dough going except for the fact that I forgot to take extra butter out to soften, and I am utterly unable to soften butter in the microwave.

Dad should show up on Friday morning, and we have a second lab party on Saturday evening. We'd leave before it, but it's to celebrate a good friend who's defending her thesis on Friday.

I still haven't packed yet, but it's all organized in my head ;) we'll see how many nights I'm up late this week getting everything straightened out.

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