Friday, December 9, 2011

no FOs, but I at least got something done last night :)

Pictures to come soon, because I'm just not that organized yet... last night I sat down and got the majority of a nap blanket completed for N. The Cars flannel and fleece arrived weeks ago, and I figured if I wanted it done for Christmas I had to get off my butt.

A couple of things that I changed this time around:

1. instead of using commercial double-fold quilt binding, I used satin blanket binding. I couldn't find double-fold in black when I ordered, and the single-fold wide bias tape doesn't work.
2. low-loft batting... should be easier to sew up (that's what I have left to do)
3. I sewed the blanket binding on using a decorative stitch on my new machine... not sure what it's called, but it looks like prairie points. It's a bit tricky to get even without practice, but I didn't do too bad.

I'm hoping I can get it done tonight, along with baking some cookies ;) Photos to come when I get it done and can get decent light when N. is not around.


Kaye said...

Did you find a double fold satin blanket binding? That's what I used on my ladybug blanket--but I took single fold and gently ironed it into double fold. What a PITA!

Ellie said...

Nope, although that would've been a good idea now that you mention it... I didn't sew the prairie points close enough to the edge either, but I'm SO not picking it out again :P