Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday

I'm trying to get back on the life train, but it's thwarting me at every turn... mostly with a cold that turned into mild bronchitis, which pissed me off because it's October, not February.

I did have a fun little excursion last week - Stacey and I went on a fabric-and-grocery expedition, and had a girls-night-supper in between. I scored a good length of Dora fabric for my niece, and since it was the end of the bolt, I got 1/3 of it at remnant price. I'm making her a roll-up nap blanket for Christmas, and this was the status this morning at 11am:

In this photo, it needs to be quilted on the main body, and the pillow section stuffed. The attached 'blankie' is some 50% off polar fleece with quilt binding. (I'm cheating a little, it's mostly finished right now, and I'll feature it on Friday... note to self: use two layers of hi-loft batting instead of three, and watch the fleece while sewing, because it stretches).

While I was home wheezing last week, I also knocked out a pair of Duffers slippers, because I had two skeins of Cascade Pastaza, and they do wear through when you spend your evening sliding on the linoleum like a 6-year-old:

These are still a WiP because it's pre-felting state; I also did one size smaller than last time, because I wanted to see if I could get them felted down in two laundry cycles instead of the five it took my previous pair.

That's it for me today; for more WiPs, visit Tami's Amis!

ETA: Tutorial for the roll-up nap blanket is here; 2nd note to self: use 28-30" of webbing instead of the 27" lengths for the straps.


pinkundine said...

Sliding around like a 6 year old sounds like an excellent use of lino to me ;)

Sorry to hear you weren't well :( Hope you're feeling brighter now.

Stacey said...

LOVE those slippers :)

Sam Findlay said...

your slippers look great!