Sunday, September 18, 2011

we now return you to your regularly scheduled madness

sorry I dropped off the grid there for a while... I took the opportunity to meet up with my sister-in-law in Boston for a few days, and am so glad I did. She had a conference, and an extra bed in her hotel room, so I grabbed the Amtrak and headed in. It was hard to leave N., even though Hubs is more than capable. The nice thing is, between the wireless and SIL's iPad, we were able to skype with our kidlets every night.

I managed to get 3 repeats of the silk shawl and probably about 10 rows on the Charlotte's Web done, mostly on the train. We spent so much time sightseeing (SIL only hit two of the relevant sessions at the conference; the rest weren't applicable to her research, so she came with me) that there was little time to knit. Combine that with some great shopping (mostly 'window'), and we came home happy and with sore feet ;)

Alas, I now have to get the house back in order and catch up on the laundry.

But, I now know the value of doing a 'girls' weekend every once in a while... for very little money (food and train tix) we had a wonderful time, and determined that we're actually quite a bit alike. So, a win on all fronts.

Sorry for the choppiness of it all; I'm still recovering from four very early mornings. Hopefully I'll get back into the routine very soon...