Sunday, August 14, 2011

The camera saga, take the billionth...

Sigh. My camera.

I logged into Amazon this morning with the full intention of ordering the camera that we'd been eyeing for a while. Different make, but better optical, good reviews, cheapest on Amazon (we'd tracked it in 3 other places). As of 9:30Am, they'd jacked up the price by $30, and it was no longer being sold directly by Amazon. I have issues with 3rd party sellers, so I decided to check out the mighty big box website, just for kicks.

There, I found a camera BUNDLE for LESS than the original price of my desired Amazon camera (with no accessories). It's also back to the brand that our old camera is, it comes with a Li battery instead of chewing through AAs, it includes both a memory card and a case, plus a tripod for good measure, and the reviews are comparable (and seem to meet our needs).

However, none of this helped when I had to photograph the hairclips I finished, that are being mailed out tomorrow to my niece. So I dragged out the old beast, because sometimes it cooperates... I've been messing with it occasionally, because I can often get it to power up by plugging it into the computer... This morning it powered on, no problem. I took a couple of pics, and while it was sluggish writing to the card, it managed. Then it powered off no problem, which it hasn't done in ages; usually I wait for it to go to sleep, and it shuts off within an hour (I watch for the lens retraction). A half hour later, Hubby came home from his music practice (he's playing organ at the church one block over). I showed him the new option, explained why Amazon sucks, then brought out the old camera. Power on, power off. Power on, power off. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

Bottom line? I don't trust it. I'm still pushing to order this new one, hopefully today.

Knitting-wise, yesterday was a bust. Friday night I did get a lot done on the Charlotte's web, eight rows to be exact. If I have time today, I'll bring out the silk, but if not I'm not stressing. I have to switch gears this week to teacher presents, for when N. graduates to the older classroom at the end of the month - since I don't have time to make everyone scarves or mittens or some such, I'm thinking maybe more box bags, because they're cute and somewhat impressive to non-sewers ;)

Happy Sunday!

ETA: the camera stopped working again. With my hairclip photos and my Charlotte's Web yarn progression photos still on it. Will wait for it to turn itself off in an hour, dump the card, and give the heck up.

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Stacey said...

What? No AAs? I love having AA batteries... I use rechargeables, and they last forever!

Anyway, yeah... don't trust that old guy! Best wishes for a new one :)