Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm sitting here (and sorry to be cagey), working on extensive paperwork... I'm still unemployed, but I'm hoping this will make me employable in the near future... and I'm sick sick sick of paperwork. But, I *think* it's almost done, which would be a huge relief.

I'm still working on the SoQS, and think I'll get 17 reps... so that could conceivably be done in a week if I work on it every day for a bit. I'm now back to debating the next project, after I thought I'd settled on what I wanted to do. I have STR MW set aside for a garganutan Charlotte's Web minus fringe plus crochet edging, but last night (in an effort to distract myself from the abovementioned paperwork), I dug out the one skein of laceweight I own, some BMFA Silk Thread. I tried to do an Aeolian last year, then I tried to do a Print O' the Wave, and I ended up with a tangled mess; last night I spent 25 minutes untangling the mass of knots, and re-wound it.

I have an important family wedding to go to next year, and I have 11 months, so I want a really good, big shawl to wear. The STR Charlotte's Web will be warm, but the wedding is in a chilly area - they're barely getting in the high 70's in the past couple of weeks. But a laceweight stole could also be nice. I'm having an existential crisis about this - I want to start something that'll be fun to knit and go fat, but I don't want to start one only to realize I should've done the other. Maybe I'll leave the decision until after I finish and block the SoQS.

Quick! Random kid photo!


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