Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Le sigh.

Happy July 4th + 1 and all that jazz. There's a lot going on here, not much of it good, and not much of it that I can discuss... we're ok, but things are piling on and new things are coming up that aren't very good... sorry to be so cryptic for now, but my hands are tied... I will now attempt to distract with talk of craftiness, and my convoluted yardage assessments.

I'm nearly done a Flower Basket Shawl, and have to make the decision on # of reps soon. I'm trying to maximize two skeins (total 900yd) of Chugiak Sock from Pagewood Farms, and it's tough. The pattern is one of these nebulous requirement ones, and says 11 reps for 600 yards, and 16 reps for 1100 yards. (those don't include the edge lace, which is approx the same as one lace rep - they're both 10 rows).

So, the pattern calls for the following in fingering weight:
11 reps + edge = ~12 reps with 600 yards
16 reps + edge = ~17 reps with 1100 yards.

HOWEVER, I got 13.5 10-row reps with 450yds. So the options are:
  1. Plow forward and try to do 15 reps + edge = ~16 reps with 900yds.
  2. Lifeline after 14 reps and knit the edge, then rip out and reknit if there's enough yardage left for another rep.
  3. Lifeline after 14 reps and do a 15th then the edge, then rip back to the 14th if there's not enough yardage for the edge.
The consensus at my lys the other day was lifeline after the 14th rep, then knit the edge, ripping and adding after a final yardage assessment. If there's a chance I'd have to rip, it's less frogging to just rip out the edge, than it would be to rip the 15th and a partial edge. Gah. All I want is the biggest shawl I can get using as much of the yarn as I can. Is that really so much to ask? ;)

Ok, enough rambling about yardage... onto the photos!

Random hydrangeas, because I love them, and everyone around here does a great job at growing them.

A friendship bracelet I tied last week, because I needed a change... like my basil? ;)

In our backyard...

And that's all I have for now... I'm working on some paperwork on campus, in a part of the med school next to the daycare... I can look up and out the window and see the kids playing in their sprinklers, and it's so cute. I miss those days when all I needed was a wading pool and a sprinkler and life was bliss... and if your mom brought out freezies, you were convinced life couldn't get any better.

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