Friday, July 29, 2011

Pictureless post

It's friday again, and my friend Stacey has been encouraging me to do FO Fridays (along with WiP Wednesdays), both of which originate on Tami's Ami's ... but I'm cameraless and finding it very sad.

But, ever the optimist, I have a plan. Once we're back from this weekend (short road trip to NH for a family birthday), I'm going to get my butt onto Amazon and Overstock and track down a nice, affordable point-and-shoot. Until then, I'm going to describe everything :-)

I crocheted two mini-amigurumi monsters this week, from the newly released Rainbow Amigurumi e-book (you can also get the individual pattern here). The first one is for a family birthday party (a little girl who's turning 1), and is pink and purple. N. saw it and decided he wanted one in red, thankyouverymuch, so the second one was born. Super easy, super cute result.

I'm also working on a stole from the BMFA Silk Thread I mentioned a post or two ago. I decided on a pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia, and while it's not a FO yet, I've managed to get both edgings and four full repeats done. I'm enjoying it, but it's a little hard on the eyes because the thread is both fine and dark. If you search on Blue Moon's site for the Raven series, you'll get an idea of the colors - very saturated black-plus-color. Gorgeous, but very dark.

And finally, yesterday Stacey wanted to have a bit of a sewing bee, so we got together and after a little over an hour's worth of work, we'd each sewn a box-bag, complete with lining. It was quite the enjoyable afternoon, and nice to have company while I sew (which doesn't happen often).

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SoQS is finished....

and there's only one decent pic because my camera is now refusing to turn off... it just goes to sleep and ignores me...

Looks like two different dye lots, doesn't it? Strange thing is, the second skein wasn't started until about halfway through the light section... so it makes no sense. Luckily it's not hugely noticeable in natural light.

Total repeats: 17 plus edging. Don't ask me about the 18th that got knit and ripped out because I didn't have enough :-P

I really like it, and would totally do another. The pattern is really easy once you get going, and still works even with this semi-variegated yarn...

Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm sitting here (and sorry to be cagey), working on extensive paperwork... I'm still unemployed, but I'm hoping this will make me employable in the near future... and I'm sick sick sick of paperwork. But, I *think* it's almost done, which would be a huge relief.

I'm still working on the SoQS, and think I'll get 17 reps... so that could conceivably be done in a week if I work on it every day for a bit. I'm now back to debating the next project, after I thought I'd settled on what I wanted to do. I have STR MW set aside for a garganutan Charlotte's Web minus fringe plus crochet edging, but last night (in an effort to distract myself from the abovementioned paperwork), I dug out the one skein of laceweight I own, some BMFA Silk Thread. I tried to do an Aeolian last year, then I tried to do a Print O' the Wave, and I ended up with a tangled mess; last night I spent 25 minutes untangling the mass of knots, and re-wound it.

I have an important family wedding to go to next year, and I have 11 months, so I want a really good, big shawl to wear. The STR Charlotte's Web will be warm, but the wedding is in a chilly area - they're barely getting in the high 70's in the past couple of weeks. But a laceweight stole could also be nice. I'm having an existential crisis about this - I want to start something that'll be fun to knit and go fat, but I don't want to start one only to realize I should've done the other. Maybe I'll leave the decision until after I finish and block the SoQS.

Quick! Random kid photo!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


After all that jabbering about yardage with my Shawl of Questionable Size (SoQS), I googled 'triangular shawl calculator' (or something similar) on Hubby's laptop, and found some number-crunching doo-hickeys that aim to tell you, based on the total number of rows your shawl has, how far along you are. I did several sets based on 14, 15, 16, and 17 total repeats, plus edging, and came to the conclusion that with my gauge, I can get at LEAST 17 repeats in before doing the edging, and could theoretically squeak 18 (because my halfway-through-the-yarn point was over-halfway-through-the-knitting point; 51.3% to be exact). Math doesn't lie, right?

I don't believe it for a second.

So, I'm going to put a lifeline in after 15 reps (already did at 14), and re-weigh my remaining yarn and do the numbers again. Would it be fantastic to get 17 reps? sure. Do I think I will? Meh. I just want the SoQS to be as big as possible, and for it to be as finished as possible. Like, yesterday.

In other news, I broke down and got some real wool felt, after playing around with synthetic for a while making things for my niece. Holy natural fibers, Batman, it is SO FREAKIN SOFT. While I'm a fan of eco-recycled-felt that makes use of my old soda bottles, the wool is so nice to the touch. I'm thinking of saving my pennies and ordering a little more some time in the future.

And that's all the news that's fit to report for today... we'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm going to get ready for dinner now and debate whether to knit a bit on the SoQS, do some felt work, or just buckle down and get dinner ready :-P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Le sigh.

Happy July 4th + 1 and all that jazz. There's a lot going on here, not much of it good, and not much of it that I can discuss... we're ok, but things are piling on and new things are coming up that aren't very good... sorry to be so cryptic for now, but my hands are tied... I will now attempt to distract with talk of craftiness, and my convoluted yardage assessments.

I'm nearly done a Flower Basket Shawl, and have to make the decision on # of reps soon. I'm trying to maximize two skeins (total 900yd) of Chugiak Sock from Pagewood Farms, and it's tough. The pattern is one of these nebulous requirement ones, and says 11 reps for 600 yards, and 16 reps for 1100 yards. (those don't include the edge lace, which is approx the same as one lace rep - they're both 10 rows).

So, the pattern calls for the following in fingering weight:
11 reps + edge = ~12 reps with 600 yards
16 reps + edge = ~17 reps with 1100 yards.

HOWEVER, I got 13.5 10-row reps with 450yds. So the options are:
  1. Plow forward and try to do 15 reps + edge = ~16 reps with 900yds.
  2. Lifeline after 14 reps and knit the edge, then rip out and reknit if there's enough yardage left for another rep.
  3. Lifeline after 14 reps and do a 15th then the edge, then rip back to the 14th if there's not enough yardage for the edge.
The consensus at my lys the other day was lifeline after the 14th rep, then knit the edge, ripping and adding after a final yardage assessment. If there's a chance I'd have to rip, it's less frogging to just rip out the edge, than it would be to rip the 15th and a partial edge. Gah. All I want is the biggest shawl I can get using as much of the yarn as I can. Is that really so much to ask? ;)

Ok, enough rambling about yardage... onto the photos!

Random hydrangeas, because I love them, and everyone around here does a great job at growing them.

A friendship bracelet I tied last week, because I needed a change... like my basil? ;)

In our backyard...

And that's all I have for now... I'm working on some paperwork on campus, in a part of the med school next to the daycare... I can look up and out the window and see the kids playing in their sprinklers, and it's so cute. I miss those days when all I needed was a wading pool and a sprinkler and life was bliss... and if your mom brought out freezies, you were convinced life couldn't get any better.