Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I've done/learned since Saturday

  1. Managed not to laugh at Hubby when he came home a drowned rat from the Yo-Yo Ma concert (he did say it was totally worth it).
  2. Worked on the 2x2 ribbed scarf for Little Bro that's been plaguing me for months, and got another 2" completed.
  3. Finished drafting the silk caps, and started a mitten with an ultra alpaca cuff (so I don't run out of silk). Pics soon.
  4. Decided to sew a project bag for my super-secret Little Bro project instead of keeping it in an old beat-up ziploc (not that ziplocs don't have their place). Ditto with pics.
  5. Slept a total of 12 hours because of a stupid migraine that's screwing with me in new and torturous ways this time.
  6. Dealt several times with a preschooler who, when he doesn't want to do something (all the freakin time), takes my face and turns it to his and says, "I! DON'T! LIKE! THAT!". Which seemed weird until I realized when he misbehaves and tries to avoid me, I gently turn his face to look at me and say, "Momma doesn't like it when you do that. Please stop."
And now I'm doing laundry for the sole purpose of being able to hang it outside.


Stacey said...

I'm so bummed I was out of town for Yo Yo Ma!!!

Kaye said...

And I'm bummed that the only reason you get sleep 12 hours is for a migrane. Boo!

Ellie said...

I wish it was 12 hours in one stretch, but it was 12 hours over 3 nights :-( It was the weirdest thing - I took meds but could NOT sleep. Last night - 6 hours, much improved.