Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rainy Saturday blahs.

It's been a weird day... no fiber or craft time yet, but I intend to change that...

We left the house relatively early with the intention of going to a short viewing at a children's film festival downtown, but by the time we got there the auditorium was filled to capacity. Planning on going to the second viewing (at 2pm), we hung around downtown and had an overpriced (but very yummy) brunch, only to have the weather conspire against us. We could stay for the 2pm show and get rained on while walking home, or head home and veg.

Ever the dainty melting flower, I suggested avoiding the rain and heading home early to veg. The preschooler didn't like it and proceeded to act out all freakin afternoon. He doesn't need the nap, yet he needs the nap. He's starting to appreciate logic - "I ask Momma to do something, and she says no... so when Momma asks me to do something, I can say no too".

So I'm doing what any good mom would do - parking him in front of the TV to watch Monsters Inc. while I bake banana bread with my old bananas to keep myself from going bananas.

Truth be told, I'm a little jealous of Hubby right now. The city is having its annual arts and ideas festival (hence the kids film event), and tonight he's off with his labmates to see Yo-Yo Ma play an outdoor concert... I'd go but for the fact that all my potential babysitters are in Hubby's lab, so they're either at the concert or out of town.

So I will have warm banana bread with butter for my late supper, the child will go to bed early, and I'll either finish drafting the silk (i'm about 2/3 done the second full cap), knit on my demonstration BSJ to keep up for class on Wednesday, or maybe do some felt crafting.

(and yes, it's still raining here on the East Coast... and those kids and Hubby are going to stand out in the rain for the entire concert. and I won't laugh when everyone comes home like drowned rats. Promise.)

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Kaye said...

I'd laugh--ha ha! You're a btetter person than me!