Saturday, June 4, 2011

non-nap posting...

The child does not like to nap, even though he's tired and needs it, since he only sleeps about 9 hours at night. This afternoon, he's been not-napping through an entire dishwasher cycle, when the white noise usually knocks him out within 10 minutes. He's also pissed off because Hubby had the nerve to go into the lab to deal with cultures, leaving him here with just Momma. The nerve. This is going to be a loooong afternoon.


(Click the botton pic to embiggen the little swatch... it's sparkly delicious)

ETA: I've only done about 3/4 of one cap, and have a second one. I'll try to get pics of the cap-separation process if I can manage it in the daylight ;)

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Kaye said...

Yeah Mooch doesn't do the naps much either too.
Love the sheen on that silk!