Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something Knitted! but not by me!

Hello world, here I am!

This is N.'s new "I'm 3!" sweater... made by Grammie with yarn she bought on his 2nd birthday. The color is a bit lighter/brighter than in the photo - more what I would call a 'cadet blue', between a neutral and a bright. I love it, and N. has worn it a dozen times so far.

We had a pretty great week with Grammie visiting... more like a week and a half, since she was on the ground an additional three days this year. It started off as it usually does, with outlet shopping to get N. his summer clothes (and I may have bought two pair of shoes... but you can't prove it). Then we had an amazing visit with Grammie's cousin and her husband, something I look forward to every year. She's crafty like my mom and I, and her husband is hilarious. I made french onion soup, corn chowder, the mocha cookies from Gourmet, and we spent 7 hours laughing, eating, and chatting.

(I should mention that I also ended up with laryngitis that weekend; there would be rousing conversation, then complete silence while everyone shut up so they could listen to me whisper. It was hilarious.)

Then, of course, the birthday. It was quiet, there was playdoh and DVDs, and the cake (which required no less than 10 different bowls of frosting:

(No copyright infringement intended, it was for home use only, yadda yadda yadda)

The cake was a hit, and after the birthdays were done, we had nothing left to do but knit :-)

I'm sure over the course of the week, Mom and I spent about 10-12 hours at Knit, buying yarn and "doo-hickeys" (which is our word for the little notions and things that you never knew you needed until you saw them), and just sitting and knitting. Mom got more clearance Mission Falls and finished nearly 2 sleeves of a 4-5 year old sized v-neck pullover for N. and I started a pair of Mrs Beeton wrist warmers from Knitty, made from some luxury Swans Island organic worsted and Cascade Kid Seta mohair-y goodness.

Then, of course, there's the inevitable post-visit letdown... Luckily N.'s old enough to understand that Grammie went back to her home and didn't come back to the apartment looking for her every few minutes, but it's still too quiet for my liking.

Luckily, today Hubby's Godparents are coming for a lunch visit on their way from FL back up to the northeast, and my dad is thinking of coming down at some point this month. Now if I could only get off my duff to get things tied up so we can go on vacation later this summer, and I'd be all set.

For now, though, lunch isn't going to make itself, and the defiant 3-year-old is miraculously quiet at the moment, so I should get prep started.

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Kaye said...

Awww! He's too old!! Noooo! Not 3!!! ;-)
Love that sweater and the cake--very cool!