Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not much crafting of any kind happening...

We've been spending lots of time together, and none of it is knit-friendly... but it's been wonderful!


Stingray touch pool - three or four species (stingers removed, of course) that were like puppies, swimming up to bump our hands :-)

Yesterday we spend the day at the aquarium in Norwalk, which I have to say was much more enjoyable than Mystic. We did Mystic last year, and it was totally overwhelming. I think maybe the facilities are newer, but they're poorly laid out. The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk is easier to navigate, had much more hands-on stuff, and (gasp) was cheaper. Even with N. paying admission this year, and a 3-D movie/ride tacked on (where the chairs make you think you're flying around!) the admission for all of us was about $25 less than last year at Mystic.

(The cafe was better and cheaper too, and the gift shop was fantastic).

Ok... enough of my unsolicited endorsements ;-)

Dad and Hubby are out - Hubs is taking pipe organ lessons and is showing my Dad the church where he practices. N. and I will meet up with them shortly, assuming there are no meltdowns.

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