Saturday, May 14, 2011

I coulda sworn i'd posted more recently...

rumour has it blogger ate a bunch of posts earlier in the week... maybe I'll blame it on that.

Hubby is out for a run, I've loaded the dishwasher, and I just got a parcel from BMFA... I ordered some yarn for my cousin sans internet, and got some pretty fluff for myself.  After sitting on it, and listening to one of the ladies at my lys talk about it, I ordered some silk caps to play around with.  It'd been on my to-get list for a long time, but then there was some sort of run on them early in February.  I'm not one to bandwagon-jump, so I decided to wait, but since I just happened to be ordering for my cousin, and I try to limit my BMFA orders to one a year, I threw them in.

The colorway is Gertrude Skein, and in the silk it's totally different, but in a good way.  The brown in the superwash merino is a really rich orange/rust, the drab olive is brighter, the pink is intense fuschia, and the off-white in the righthand side of the skein photo is a deep creamy ivory.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm feeling the need to stash a bit.  I'm still unemployed, but a birthday combined with Mother's day combined with my mom taking care of N.'s clothing needs means I had a little extra discretionary income.  I'm also not blind to the fact that we will likely be moving back north of the border in the not-unforseeable future, and things are much more expensive to order and get shipped.

My mom always said I could justify anything ;-)

I've put down the Mrs Beetons I mentioned a couple of posts down, and I'm pissed at myself for giving up on them.  I made one without beads, because I had none that coordinated.  Then, when we had the car after dropping Mom off at the airport, I picked up some that looked pretty good.  I then cast on for the second one using the beads, with the intention of making a beaded pair before going back and finishing the mate for the first, unbeaded one (I'll be able to get three pairs from the yarn, since they're not too big).

After finishing the first beaded one, I cast on again with the beads for its partner... and screwed it up.  I ripped it out and tried again.  And again. And I discovered that ripping out mohair that's been strung with size 11 seed beads is enough to make you go batty.

So, I'm embroidering tea towels instead. ;-)

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