Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not much crafting of any kind happening...

We've been spending lots of time together, and none of it is knit-friendly... but it's been wonderful!


Stingray touch pool - three or four species (stingers removed, of course) that were like puppies, swimming up to bump our hands :-)

Yesterday we spend the day at the aquarium in Norwalk, which I have to say was much more enjoyable than Mystic. We did Mystic last year, and it was totally overwhelming. I think maybe the facilities are newer, but they're poorly laid out. The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk is easier to navigate, had much more hands-on stuff, and (gasp) was cheaper. Even with N. paying admission this year, and a 3-D movie/ride tacked on (where the chairs make you think you're flying around!) the admission for all of us was about $25 less than last year at Mystic.

(The cafe was better and cheaper too, and the gift shop was fantastic).

Ok... enough of my unsolicited endorsements ;-)

Dad and Hubby are out - Hubs is taking pipe organ lessons and is showing my Dad the church where he practices. N. and I will meet up with them shortly, assuming there are no meltdowns.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday sleepiness

My Dad arrived at 11:30pm on Thursday night, so we had a family day yesterday and skipped daycare. Then today we did groceries, had a nap, and got some essentials at Walmart... and now all my boys are playing dominoes in the other room.

Test-driving tractors with Papa both yesterday and today...
Home Depot must love us ;)

Combine that with the much improved weather these past few days, and it's just about a perfect Saturday. I'm hoping to get either some knitting or embroidery done later on, but that depends on the child's bedtime. These days, afternoon nap = 10pm bedtime.

My finished teatowels, in a cafe theme.
The nest set is slightly more traditional, but no pics yet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I've done and/or determined since Sunday

  1. Got the flu.
  2. Realized the flu was just a really really bad cold.
  3. Slept a lot. A LOT.
  4. Decided to revive knitting mojo by not knitting.
  5. Sewn two replacement pillow covers.
  6. Embroidered a set of seven tea towels.
  7. Ventured out of the house to take the child to daycare.
  8. Came home exhausted after #7.
  9. Debated stamping another set of tea towels because sitting and embroidering is nearly as fun as sitting and knitting.
And now I'm going to drink tea and finalize my decision on the tea towels, because dragging out the iron and board might be too much for me right now.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I coulda sworn i'd posted more recently...

rumour has it blogger ate a bunch of posts earlier in the week... maybe I'll blame it on that.

Hubby is out for a run, I've loaded the dishwasher, and I just got a parcel from BMFA... I ordered some yarn for my cousin sans internet, and got some pretty fluff for myself.  After sitting on it, and listening to one of the ladies at my lys talk about it, I ordered some silk caps to play around with.  It'd been on my to-get list for a long time, but then there was some sort of run on them early in February.  I'm not one to bandwagon-jump, so I decided to wait, but since I just happened to be ordering for my cousin, and I try to limit my BMFA orders to one a year, I threw them in.

The colorway is Gertrude Skein, and in the silk it's totally different, but in a good way.  The brown in the superwash merino is a really rich orange/rust, the drab olive is brighter, the pink is intense fuschia, and the off-white in the righthand side of the skein photo is a deep creamy ivory.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm feeling the need to stash a bit.  I'm still unemployed, but a birthday combined with Mother's day combined with my mom taking care of N.'s clothing needs means I had a little extra discretionary income.  I'm also not blind to the fact that we will likely be moving back north of the border in the not-unforseeable future, and things are much more expensive to order and get shipped.

My mom always said I could justify anything ;-)

I've put down the Mrs Beetons I mentioned a couple of posts down, and I'm pissed at myself for giving up on them.  I made one without beads, because I had none that coordinated.  Then, when we had the car after dropping Mom off at the airport, I picked up some that looked pretty good.  I then cast on for the second one using the beads, with the intention of making a beaded pair before going back and finishing the mate for the first, unbeaded one (I'll be able to get three pairs from the yarn, since they're not too big).

After finishing the first beaded one, I cast on again with the beads for its partner... and screwed it up.  I ripped it out and tried again.  And again. And I discovered that ripping out mohair that's been strung with size 11 seed beads is enough to make you go batty.

So, I'm embroidering tea towels instead. ;-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I do knit... and crochet...

Dude. I-cord bind-off... it's the shizzle.

A BSJ from last year, and one just finished this year for a baby of as-yet-unknown gender... the blue/green one to be mailed and the pink/yellow one to be held onto, since I have yet another friend who hasn't found out the gender yet, and she'll get it if it's a girl...

I've also started another as an instructional piece - one of N.'s teachers who's in my knitting class was desperate for a project that wasn't just a plain scarf. I knew she was up for some beginning shaping, so we're doing the BSJ together. She lets me know before each class what row she's on, and I knit to that point. That way, she can stop before shaping that confuses her, and we work through it together.

Moby la petite baleine, aka William the Whale

This was a pattern testing crochet project for my friend Stacey at Freshstitches. Totally love that he has shaped tail flukes :D Her toys are very do-able, and not a huge time committment for some very cute results...


We had an early Mom's Day brunch today, because church tomorrow will preclude going out to eat... and I have some lovely pink tulips that may bloom in another 24 hours. Combine that with a preschooler who, while he refuses to nap at home, is napping and going to bed at night with minimal fuss these days. I'm quite surprised he's quiet right now, but I'm not going to complain. I think I'll clean up, and get stuff ready for him to do an art project later tonight; they're on a tissue paper art kick at daycare, and I have some stashed away. Nothing says 'fun Saturday night' like arts and crafts with your rambunctious 3-year-old ;-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something Knitted! but not by me!

Hello world, here I am!

This is N.'s new "I'm 3!" sweater... made by Grammie with yarn she bought on his 2nd birthday. The color is a bit lighter/brighter than in the photo - more what I would call a 'cadet blue', between a neutral and a bright. I love it, and N. has worn it a dozen times so far.

We had a pretty great week with Grammie visiting... more like a week and a half, since she was on the ground an additional three days this year. It started off as it usually does, with outlet shopping to get N. his summer clothes (and I may have bought two pair of shoes... but you can't prove it). Then we had an amazing visit with Grammie's cousin and her husband, something I look forward to every year. She's crafty like my mom and I, and her husband is hilarious. I made french onion soup, corn chowder, the mocha cookies from Gourmet, and we spent 7 hours laughing, eating, and chatting.

(I should mention that I also ended up with laryngitis that weekend; there would be rousing conversation, then complete silence while everyone shut up so they could listen to me whisper. It was hilarious.)

Then, of course, the birthday. It was quiet, there was playdoh and DVDs, and the cake (which required no less than 10 different bowls of frosting:

(No copyright infringement intended, it was for home use only, yadda yadda yadda)

The cake was a hit, and after the birthdays were done, we had nothing left to do but knit :-)

I'm sure over the course of the week, Mom and I spent about 10-12 hours at Knit, buying yarn and "doo-hickeys" (which is our word for the little notions and things that you never knew you needed until you saw them), and just sitting and knitting. Mom got more clearance Mission Falls and finished nearly 2 sleeves of a 4-5 year old sized v-neck pullover for N. and I started a pair of Mrs Beeton wrist warmers from Knitty, made from some luxury Swans Island organic worsted and Cascade Kid Seta mohair-y goodness.

Then, of course, there's the inevitable post-visit letdown... Luckily N.'s old enough to understand that Grammie went back to her home and didn't come back to the apartment looking for her every few minutes, but it's still too quiet for my liking.

Luckily, today Hubby's Godparents are coming for a lunch visit on their way from FL back up to the northeast, and my dad is thinking of coming down at some point this month. Now if I could only get off my duff to get things tied up so we can go on vacation later this summer, and I'd be all set.

For now, though, lunch isn't going to make itself, and the defiant 3-year-old is miraculously quiet at the moment, so I should get prep started.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My lazy is kicking me in the ass

I just tried to post through Flickr because I don't have the latest photos here on my old laptop and I'm too lazy to download them. It then decided to eat my long post and there's no sign of it anywhere. I can't tell if it's the Flickr method, or if it's my crappy computer, but I give up for the day.

It's raining, so I'm just going to go back to my laundry, then head in to teach my knitting class at daycare later on... more soon, promise promise.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've been gone for 2 weeks, and blogger goes all weirdo on me

I've not too much to say because I'm exhausted.  Mom is back home after a pretty good visit, and Hubby is taking the car back from our airport dropoff yesterday.  There was knitting, there was cooking.  There was kids DVD watching.  And I'm sleepy.