Sunday, April 17, 2011

A long, and tiring, weekend...

sxichrmy by Dr. Ellen
sxichrmy, a photo by Dr. Ellen on Flickr.

So flickr+blogger is now doing this posting thing in a pop-up window.... just when I think something works, they go and frig with it...

In any event, we here in the Sciency household are very tired. Instead of preparing for Mom's visit next week, we've been doing Hubby-family-stuff. And, regrettably, it's not for good reason. One of his aunts passed, after a short illness, and the wake, funeral, burial, etc. were all a 30 min. drive away. We don't see this branch of the family often because they typically winter in FL, and the "kids" (middle-agers that are Hubby's first cousins) are scattered, but we love them, and we couldn't not go.

The good thing in all this is that N. got to see lots of new people, and they all fell in love with him. And if that wasn't enough, he was a complete angel the entire time. Four hours of a wake on Friday (broken up by a supper break), then more on Saturday, a funeral, the cemetary, then a sit-down lunch at a country club with about 80 more people (which was a surprise to me). No tantrums, no yelling, no crying, no nothing. Happily snacking, reading books, talking to people. The whole. freakin. time. He was so good that we literally stopped at Ikea on the way home just to get him a piece of chocolate cake to share for a reward ;-)

(And I'm not sure if I'll get flak for it, but yes, we brought a three-year-old to a funeral. He did NOT understand what was going on, and wasn't curious, either. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, we didn't hang out at the casket for overlong periods, and he was as respectful as can be for a little kid. I had age-appropriate explanations ready, but didn't need them because he didn't ask.)

(and yes, I rewarded him with food. I don't do it often, but I wanted some too, dammit.)

We also took advantage of our car rental to get some of the errands done before we had to return it. And whoopee, we're getting another one later this week to pick up Mom from the airport. Still cheaper than parking and insurance, though. I managed to get pretty much everything for N.'s birthday, as well as ingredients for a cake for Hub's labmate's Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza :-)

We were home at a decent hour last night, and N. went to bed early, so we tried to watch Harry Potter on Comcast. Tried, and were so tired that we shut it off until tonight.

And now, having taken advantage of the early nap to get that cake baked so I can freeze it for decorating, I'm going to see what other little jobs I can do before wake-up. I figure N. was so good in the past few days that he'll act out for the rest of the weekend ;-)

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