Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is there a class in creative blog post titles? If so, I should so be taking it.


It's raining, and my mood fits it, so I'll try to turn it around by catching up on good things...

The BSJs are finished, buttoned, blocked, etc. etc. I took the time to weave in ends of the one I'd made previously, and sew its button on, so I now have a pink one and a bluish one awaiting the arrival of my friend's baby.  They're so cute I almost can't bear to part with them, but M. is one of my oldest friends, and I can't wait for her to have it.

The mocha cookies from the other day are GONE.  I sent most of them to the lab with Hubby, and they disappeared - even people who don't like mocha proclaimed them the best cookies in the universe.  The book is here, and you can even search the index.  After modifying that recipe to include 1c instead of 1/2 cup of flour, I can say that everything I've tried from the book works and tastes delicious.  The mocha cookies are like the best chewy brownie gooey cookies that you get from a cafe.  The Gourmet Live blog posted the recipe here, and I highly recommend it.  If you make it as written and the batter is liquidy after waiting the 15 minutes, add extra flour and let it sit for another 15 minutes... it should be scoopable and stand up almost like dough.  Don't overbake, and they'll be perfect.

The countdown to my mom's visit is in the final stages; we've got our car booked and our shopping planned.  I just hope the weather improves between now and then ;-)

I also have no idea what to knit or crochet next, so I'm hoping to be struck by inspiration soon.  I'm working on a shawl from last year in the meantime...

And now it's time to seek out decaf, hope the rain lets up, and get home to continue cleaning and organizing and maybe knitting.

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