Thursday, April 7, 2011

I messed around with Blogger, so this might not work.

I have too many email addresses. Combine that with an innate sense of the lazy, and it makes things a pain in the butt.

Not much to report... less than two weeks before Grammie arrives, and I'd say we're about 2/3 ready. I still have to do some organizing and putting away, but I've done the big cleaning jobs, and all that remains is maintenance sweeping and bathroom upkeep ;)

I don't have any pictures either, because Hubby has the camera to finish up work and I'm too lazy to ask him to bring it back... but the BSJ in siren song is up to the buttonholes, and then it's three garter ridges and an annoyingly long icord bindoff. I also succumbed to the temptation of pretty patterns when I was at Knit yesterday, and picked up a copy of the A-B-C-SJ. I've been wanting to get it for a while, was planning on ordering it online because I thought that was the only source... but J. brought it out for another customer while I was there, and I couldn't resist. I have some worsted in my stash that would make a perfect child-size one, but I'm not so good at sizing up using EZ math yet. This also has row-by-row instructions, and one of N.'s daycare teachers who knows how to knit but wants something other than a scarf is going to give it a try, I think.

In other news, my bronchitis is finally better, but Hubby is sick... and I can't be certain that I'm not coming down with another bug. Combine that with being at work helping out again because I'M JUST THAT NICE, and I'm tired and crabby.

But, I'm NOT sick yet, and I have knitting waiting for me, so I'm off to finish the DNA sequencing. Yay for science! ;-)

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