Friday, April 1, 2011

Good things for today

  1. taxes are done. owe the state, owed by the feds. net gain for us. whooppee!
  2. had parent-teacher updates for N. While he is the youngest in the class, and sometimes follows the older kids when they stir up shit, he's also the kindest, most cooperative, loving and happy child they have ;-)
  3. I spent the afternoon at Knit, which is excellent on its own... L. was teaching a customer how to pick up evenly around a collar, and the lady was having trouble... I mentioned that I usually screw it up the first time too, and L. told the lady, "See? You're doing fine - it's even tough for an experienced knitter like her!". I love L., for calling me an 'experienced knitter' :-)
  4. The pinkeye was very mild, and I did NOT catch it!
  5. I have two huge pans of veg roasting in the oven, with garlic, and it smells yummy in here.
  6. My boys are being dropped off by the bus as I type this :-)

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