Sunday, April 10, 2011


(Blogger is weird.  there's nothing else to say about it, it's just weird. Moving on...)

N. is getting his bath, and I just finished my second attempt at some mocha cookies... I should have linkies but I don't, because I have a headache from taste-testing all the chocolate.  Suffice it to say they're very tasty, I did have to add an extra 1/2 cup flour to the recipe to get them to be cookie batter instead of pourable ganache, but they're good.  I'll see how they hold up after cooling down :-)

I've finished the BSJ, but again, no pics.  I swear, I'll catch up.  It just might not be this week - we have a daycare potluck, I'm doing storytime, I have to be interviewed by one of the teachers for a class she's doing for her certification, and we need to figure out how we're getting to a funeral of a close family member that's a 40 minute drive away, once we figure out when said funeral is taking place. 

So, it'll be a week.  Combined with the fact that Little Bro, with everyone's blessing, has finally thrown out all of Grammie's old furniture and he and JL are bringing in there own, is making me a little melancholy.  I think I need another cookie.

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