Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We also made pancakes :-)

P3050057 by Dr. Ellen
P3050057 a photo by Dr. Ellen on Flickr.

Pardon the messy hair and the very tiny kitchen... N. and I made pancakes together last week while waiting for Hubby to come home from work. Sometimes cooking with him works, and sometimes it's a disaster - this time it wasn't too bad.

I'm at work digging out oligos for my boss, and sort of peeved at myself with the 'organizational scheme' i used the past few years... but since there's not much to be done about it now except clean up, I'm not going to stress.

I really need to get pics of the vest up, and finish the second one, but my lack of a computer most days totally cramps my style ;) I'm hoping for a tax refund this year rather than paying out, so we'll see...

Oh, and this rain can take a flying leap. Preferably far away from my <1 yr old rubber boots that have a damn hole in them. Sigh.

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