Friday, March 18, 2011

Too tired for a Friday

I totally have no reason to be tired... but I am. Today I did some work (boo), a lot of laundry (double boo) and finished a second cabled vest. No pics, because Hubby is still using the camera to photograph petri plates for work. The vest itself was a little easier to assemble the second time around; I think I may have found an error (or at least I assumed it to be an omission) in the shoulder construction, re-did it to suit my needs, and it turned out just fine. For some reason, with the first one I had to try to evenly pick up stitches around the neck and armholes about five times before it worked out. This time, I hit it spot on the first go round. After weaving in endless ends (a couple of breaks in the skein, plus I added an extra stripe to this one), and it's blocking, hopefully to be dry for church on Sunday.

I wish I had enough free cash to buy more of the 1824 wool to do another, but I just don't. My friend, Miss L., has a great-grandson and would probably love to have one, but neither of us are particularly liquid at the moment. *sigh* Maybe next month... I spent my last little bit of yarn money on a ball of Noro Taiyo Sock yarn, which is disgustingly pretty and looks like it'll make yet another fabulous Boteh.

Hmmm... dost mine ears deceive me? Is it possible that the child is asleep? (the time change kicked our asses this week, and we're still adjusting...) Let's see... dishwasher running. Child sleeping. Hubby is in lab. All that remains between me and that Taiyo is some laundry to be folded. Bet I can take care of that quick-smart :-)

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