Friday, March 4, 2011

A successful day in things other than knitting and crochet...

today was one of the more busy days I've had lately... daycare opened late because of a staff meeting, so N. and I bussed in at the normal time and did some visiting around the hospital for fun... then after I dropped him off at 10am, I set out to do some errands.

diapers and other assorted drugstore things: check. setting up dental appointment for the child: check at hyperspeed, which made the day a little nutsy.

I was planning on taking him to a hygeinist who has her daughter at our daycare - at the very least she's a familiar face. Hoping for an appointment within the month, I went to the office to check (they're three blocks from daycare and campus). Turns out she had a double slot open this afternoon, so I grabbed it.

4o minutes and some seriously great toddler behavior later, I had a kid with a sparkling smile and polished teeth, with no tears and no dental phobias :-)

what I didn't mention is that I had to leave my lab lunch date early to get to the appointment on time, leaving behind the most delicious hamburger I've had in years. I had it at 3pm, reheated in the microwave at Hubby's lab, and it was still pretty awesome.

after all that running around, I'm pretty zonked, so I'm likely not making much sense (and from the looks of things, forgetting about uppercase letters to begin sentences)... I'll leave you with crochet to tide everyone over while I catch up on sleep... I bought some patterns from Stacey to thank her for N.''s monster, and in the span of three days I made two dinosaurs, one pink and one purple, for new babies that are either here already or coming soon. The purple one is the only documented one so far, but they are freakin adorable (and at 9" tall, very huggable):

The crooked tail gets me every time ;)

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