Thursday, March 3, 2011

I just realized I forgot to post about my cake :-)

P2270001 by Dr. Ellen
P2270001 a photo by Dr. Ellen on Flickr.
I made a *cake*. It was delicious, and there is a 2x3" piece in my freezer - the rest is gone.

I made a marble cake flavoured with orange... I was going to use grand marnier, but we're not sure if one of the lab member's strict no-alcohol policy includes baked goods, so I left it out. I used an orange simple syrup to keep the cake moist, and made swiss meringue buttercream flavoured with, you guessed it - orange.

The flowers were pre-colored Wilton fondant, but the main cake is covered in the homemade stuff. It was so much easier to work with than the storebought stuff, and much cheaper, so I'm a convert. I'm not sure this will be the final design, but at least I know I can make something that doesn't look like ass, and photographs well.

In bullets:
-it was delicious
-the buttercream deflated after being rewhipped out of the fridge, and should be put on the cake the day it's made
-I can fondant a square cake without tears (as in, tears in the fondant, not tears from my eyes)
-the ingredients are going to be expensive, but since I'm not paying for it (I'll be baking the final one for a wedding next year), it's all good.

Next experiment (in three months to spread out the caloric massiveness) will be lemon raspberry.

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Kaye said...

It's beautiful! Way to go!