Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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P3030028 by Dr. Ellen
P3030028, a photo by Dr. Ellen on Flickr.

I'm pretty sure this photo is going to end up some wonky ass size, not centered, and ca-razy, but I'm not logging out of my other gmail account to fix it, because I'm trying to keep in touch with Hubs. It's touch-and-go because this poor little computer is on its last legs, though.

N. and I are home today, after two days of back-and-forth to the doctor. I made the mistake the other day of saying, "gee isn't it great that I made it through this winter without getting bronchitis?" Sunday night - WHAM! breathing difficulties and nothing but an expired inhaler in the house.

Yesterday I brought N. to daycare so I could go and get fixed up, then sleep for a couple of hours, but I got the pinkeye call at 4pm. Too late to get him seen at the doc, of course. We got up crazyass early this morning to make it in for the first appointment, and it's either not pinkeye or the mildest case ever in history. We're treating just in case.

I also get to go into non-work tomorrow to work on some more loose ends that we found. I just hope that everyone who's sick today isn't sick tomorrow. Luckily N. will have had 24 hours of treatment by tomorrow morning and I can drop him off to get that stuff done.

I haven't gotten much knitting or crochet done in the past few days... I finished the Taiyo Boteh but didn't take pics yet, and cast on a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend who's having a baby of as-yet undetermined gender. I have a pink and yellow one done, so this one will be green-blue-grey-yellow (STR Siren Song for those keeping track). It's not really boyish, but a very nice neutral, so it should do either way.

And with that I'm going to pick up the table and maybe do some sewing... I think I need a few days to recharge my yarn mojo after churning out those vests and that scarf ;-)

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