Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday in bullets

  • The duffer slippers are still too big. BIG, people. I did one hot wash, and 25 minutes of hand-felting with a (clean, dedicated to the kitchen) plunger in a pail. Still too big.
  • I'm not a fan of this new naptime/bedtime fighting routine that showed up. It always ends up in very contented sleep, but I don't like having to go through a tantrum and a time out to get there.
  • We stayed home today because daycare didn't open until 12 noon, and by that time, what's the point. The icy rain kept us inside all day, probably contributing to those tantrums.
  • Hubby is in lab doing another Y2H experiment, and will likely be home at midnight. Like last night, when he worked on a paper until 1am. So, so tired.
  • I have 3/4 of a thrummed mitten finished, and a new episod eof Top Chef coming along in a half hour :-)

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