Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday randoms

The trees are all covered in 1/2" of ice, and the city is very pretty... so I'm at work, not enjoying the sight of crystal branches, but doing a gel extraction instead.

And not getting paid. ;-)

On a happier note, there are only 75 more days until my mom shows up for a 12-day visit (instead of her usual 8). Also, there's a new faculty member in Hubby's department who might be needing a tech/postdoc in a month or so. Nothing definite, but he at least wanted to keep my info.

I also need to go back to my LYS soon; my father specifically asked for a hat, just like Hubby's, N.'s, and Little Bro's (the Pressed Rib Cap and Muffler pattern). This is historic, because while my father always supports our creative efforts (my mother knits, sews, etc. too, and he's always been very positive about the results), the only thing he's asked me to make for him in the past 15 years is a sandwich ;-) He really loves the hat, and knows that wool is very insulating even when wet, so he wants one for when he shovels snow. He says he doesn't care what color it is, as long as it's dark-ish...

After I agreed to make him one, he proceeded to ask me every day if I'd started it. I think if he keeps bugging me, it's getting a pink stripe.


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