Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This photo is completely inconsequential.

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I'm keeping in touch with Hubby via g-chat in my main account, but blogger is secondary, so I don't want to log out in order to post... which means posting to flickr, hence the random photo.

(actually, it's not that random... it reminds me that yesterday's warm temperatures have resulted in a whole lot of melting, and that the impassable [impossible?] snowdrifts are mostly gone, and I can actually take a stroller up the street).

ahem. moving on.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the new researcher on the project, and I hated every minute of it because she's so nice that I can't hate her. I can't even hold her in mild disdain. She's super. She even made sure to let me know that it's still *my* project and *my* data, and I'm still involved.

That being said, since I'm not on it full time, today I dropped N. off and headed for home to do some cleaning... but not before I dropped in at the lys for a visit :-) I'm halfway through my second thrummed mitten and had to show it off like a proud mama. I suppose I should get some photos, but this laptop is not going to cooperate if I try to dump the camera card.

So, after folding laundry, loading the dishwasher, and taking a shower that wasn't interrupted by requests for cheerios or the sound of toy armageddon, I'm going to settle in to work on those mittens for a few minutes. Hubby is picking N. up, so I can live a life of leisure, at least for this afternoon :-)

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