Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I promised to do at work...

  1. tidy up the lab books, so that someone besides me can understand how to repeat the experiments if necessary
  2. organize the computer files so that someone besides me can find what they need
  3. write up all the standard protocols I used (See #1)
  4. organize the freezer and sample tubes (See #2)
I have to be honest; I have zero motivation. I'm also supposed to meet with the researcher that's taking over the project (was supposed to be on Friday, then was supposed to be yesterday, but I got sick). I'm just a little bitter that the work I've been doing is being handed to someone who is already working (and being paid) to do other projects. Their lab will run regardless of whether we give them this work.

Eh. I really need to be zen and let it go. No amount of ranting is going to give me my position back.

After a really rough night last night with N., he woke up this morning and wanted to stay home from school to be with me. It made me really happy... until he got peeved with some random thing and upended his cereal bowl with the milk still in it ;-)

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