Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some crochet awesomeness

At my lys, along with the three amazing owners (hi ladies!) there is one more amazing employee named Stacey. Along with the cool-factor of being able to work in a yarn store, she's also a pretty amazing designer. She does some knitwear, but her bread and butter is crochet amigurumi, and they're adorable.

I made two penguins over a year ago for my niece and my best friend's baby, but never picked another one up... the free patterns I'd found weren't hugely inspiring, and I wasn't pleased with the finish. Once I saw Stacey's work, though, I was hooked (hooked! get it? har dee har har, I'm here all week). Something about her gauge and crocheting through the back loop makes for a nicer, more uniform fabric. Plus, her designs are super cute... if you crochet, or want to learn, you should check out her site (video tutorials are also a big plus, and the site is so cute). I have four patterns waiting to be started... like I needed more projects :-P

But, that's not the awesomeness of which I speak... she's taking on a new venture, and N. was the guinea pig: custom cuddly crochet!

N. drew a pretty cute monster:

Eyes: check. Ears: check. Purple feet: check. Monster: complete.

Then Stacey did a sketch:
Oh, the cuteness!

And, presto change-o, nothing up her sleeves, (in one afternoon, because she's superwoman) she made his monster into a monster:

(drawing: © N. C.; Monstie sketch and photos © Stacey Trock)

How cool is that?!?! There's more info on her blog, and I'll post a pic of N. when he meets his monster :-)

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Stacey said...

Aww... I had no idea I was awesome! :)
Thank you!!!