Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So tie-tie.

Sleeeeepy. But I'm on campus because I have a PTA meeting in 90 minutes and thought I'd try to get some cleaning up done at lab. I was late getting here, though, so the amount of cleaning I've done is negligible. And this cold is draaaaagggggging, making me want a nap.

I finished a hat for Dad, and it took somewhere around 11 days, with breaks in between. No pics, because I wanted to get it out to him before winter ends, but it's slightly larger than the original, dark brown with a cream stripe. Very warm and toasty for the remaining eastern Canadian winter :-)

And now I have to decide whether I want to break the caffeine-free streak because I'm tired and fuzzy and am done with the day (and it's only 10:18am).

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