Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old man winter.

I'm spending my first day of blissful unemployment at home... watching cartoons and debating whether or not to go out for a walk. I kept N. home today because of this crazy ass weather. They're calling for ice and snow and sleet during the times I could potentially be on a bus taking him back and forth to daycare, and as much as I wanted to go sit in my favourite coffee shop and knit for the morning, I decided to be responsible.

For some reason, the weather forecast has been accurate with the majority of these storms, and the next 48 hours are supposed to be naaaaasty. I don't want to take a chance staying downtown and ending up stuck on a bus, a 45 minute walk from home, with a grumpy, heavy kid on my hands and no one to help carry him when he starts getting tired.

So, we stay home. The museum we like to go to is about a 7 minute walk from here, which I might consider in about a half hour. N. usually needs fresh air to trigger a decent nap, so that's my plan.

On a completely unrelated note, I finished some slippers for myself last night; the pattern popped up in my radar as a free option to the French Press Slippers that were popular a few months ago. I didn't add a strap, and I still need to felt them tonight, but they were really easy, and would work up well in doubled Cascade 220, I'm thinking. I think I've purchased three knitting patterns in my life, and I only buy when I can't find a free option and I'm totally obsessed with the pattern (this doesn't count crochet - I tend to buy more of those because they're better laid out and I'm still a new crocheter). I like a free deal.

Today, I'm not sure if I want to work on Little Bro's scarf, or the other secret project I have going (which is very tight gauge and hurts like hell to work on for extended periods); I might start mittens for myself instead, or I might just do some sewing. I've worked a bit on the tree skirt, and sewed some barrettes for my niece, so I have many options. Or is that the problem - too many options?

Stay warm, Northeast Peeps... it's a doozy out there.

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Kaye said...

I like those slippers. They look like they'd stay on better than the French Press ones.